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Pencil cases

For school, college, university or the office, the pencil case is a must-have for every back-to-school season!

Discover our different pencil case models: round, with compartments, mini to take everywhere, flat, triangles for greater capacity, etc. A wide choice of possibilities!

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Our round pencil cases

Round pencil cases are a safe bet whatever your age, and are spacious enough to pack away scissors, glue sticks and pens for school. Every year, we launch new patterns and prints in line with young students’ changing trends and tastes.

Dual-compartment pencil cases

The Quo Vadis compartment pencil cases are ideal for primary or middle school students. You can tidy away pencils on one side, and felt-tips on the other, for example, ensuring you’re always ready for art class! These pencil cases are available in a wide range of colours.


Triangular pencil cases

The Quo Vadis triangular pencil cases boast a neat and tidy design that’s perfect for packing away all the tools young pupils need – and older students, too ! There’s something for everyone in this range, from bright colours and vibrant patterns to floral prints.

Mini pencil cases

This year’s biggest craze is the mini pencil case ! These pocket-sized pencil cases are super handy, allowing you to pack away the bare minimum. Perfect for students, teachers and adults, their small size makes them easy to slip into bags and school bags.


Our flat pencil cases

Our trendy flat pencil cases are ideal for students and adults who like to carry pencils or small everyday accessories. With their compact size, our flat pencil cases go everywhere with you